News December 2022

News December 2022

Yeah!!!!…..Happily people are travelling more freely again, visa’s are available to come to india, and i am available again to welcome you! Email me for any enquiry:

The pause button was globally pressed nearly 3 years ago and ‘not knowing’ became our new reality. I’m very fortunate that my lifestyle is not that different during the time of Covid-19 and continue to adjust to longer periods of isolation due to lack of visitors. 

 MEDITATION is a really useful tool to utilise during this period of uncertainty so thanks to modern technology I’m delighted to be able to offer an online course for beginners or indeed for anyone that would like support for an established (or lapsed) practice 

See ONLINE Course for more information and also read these recent reviews from Google 

Balaji Mahadev – December 2020 – Bangalore

i just completed an online course with Karen Sivan, and i had a wonderful initiation to the zen meditation and Kin hin meditation, i did 7 one hour sittings and Karen was very prompt and patient in all these sittings, i highly recommend this course by Karen, to someone who wants to start zen meditation from the comfort of their homes.

I had an “online sitting” week with Karen in october 2020 (my plan was to go to Bodhi Zendo in December, but I realised with the ongoning pandemi it was not possible). Before I have met Karen on several happenings, to start with sitting with her when I was on holiday in Kovalam back in 2013. Since then it has grown up to five sesshins with fr. Ama Samy in India, Switzerland and Sweden. I never come close to sit by own, but now I did it online from my own home in Sweden with Karen. After seven mornings/ sitting I shall now try sit on my own for three days and then take another course with Karen for one week. I specially enjoyed that I was in my own surroundings. I was a bit ringrusty about the Closing chant “Ti Sarana” the first morning but learned it for the next day. What is good with Karen is that during the meditation/ sitting you know she is absolutely serious. I like that. After the sitting we will often burst into laughter. This for me was a first start to sit at home. I put some candles on, and then I am there with pc or mobile with Karen in the sitting. And it does do me well. My nerves are stilled, my body and brain functions so much better afterwards. I truelly advice anyone to do this online sitting with Karen. I still have to train more on the Kinhin walking. I remember Karen from my first walking meditation (2013), very slowly, very concentrated. Do try this! Even when it is raining in Kovalam ( a lot of noice) or her cat is on her pc, it doesn’t worry me. I am sitting with Karen.


Last season visitors to Kin-Hin made this informative YouTube video of their experience at the centre and impressions of Kovalam……………..

If you are in the area there are regular sittings ….7am and 5pm.

please contact me in advance to check availability for a drop in session or to make an appointment for an introduction if you are new to Zen meditation.

Do send me an email if you have any questions, would like to be kept informed of events, would like a guide for seeing India or are a teacher looking for a venue to host a holiday (I can assist with finding a suitable venue for you, arranging transfers from the airport, organise day trips while here and generally be your ‘person on the ground’)

Kin-Hin Centre is non residential – you can choose accommodation from the large selection available in the area ( and come for sittings… 7am &/or 5pm

Daily ‘drop-in’ meditation sittings, morning and  evenings : by donation: suggested amount Rs100

Shanti Bhavan

 Inclusive packages are available through with airport transfer, homestay accommodation and breakfast close by Kin-Hin at Shanti Bhavan Information and reservation here.




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