NEW~OnLine Course

Thanks to modern technology and especially to FaceTime, Google Duo and Skype it’s possible for us to have valuable time together and to sit with each other for a meditation session.
A one week course can help you establish a personal practice and have an understanding / experience of Zen Meditation.
MEDITATION is a really useful tool to utilise during this period of uncertainty so I’m delighted to be able to offer this online course for beginners or indeed for anyone that would like support for an established (or lapsed) practice.

The course includes an introduction along with postural advice and meditation tips to help you begin and hopefully continue with this excellent life tool. Each meeting will last about one hour with 2 sitting meditations interspersed with a walking meditation. All you will need is an internet connection in a quiet place where you can sit comfortably and enough space to walk around a little.

This 7 day course can begin on any day/date and we can coordinate a convenient time. I suggest an early morning slot at your local time zone.

email me to book your place :

Cost: Rs2,500 (£30)

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