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March 2024


Kin-Hin is temporarily closed as I’m taking some time out in the cooler climate of Perumamalai, near Kodaikanal.

Please check back soon for an update or email me :

Thanks ....karen  

Welcome to the Kin-Hin Zen Centre,
a non-residential rooftop zendo
located near Kovalam Beach in Kerala.
Kin-Hin offers zazen/zen meditation sittings and courses for individuals and small groups. 
"To sit zazen alone   is so difficult it is almost impossible. For effective zazen it is important  to practise sitting with a group  at least occasionally"
Yamada-The Gateless Gate

Hi ..My name is Karen Sivan

Someone asked me what benefit I get from sitting. I replied that it reminds me of who I’m not! I myself do not understand exactly why it is so important for me to practice, but when we sit together,

I understand a little more and I am thankful for all of the life turns that brought me to the place I am today.

The support found in group sitting is incalculable. Personally, it gives me the strength to carry on and helps me through the times of doubt and uncertainty that invariably come to test me.


Erin - Germany


Ramon - New Zealand


Vishal - India


Balaji - India

I just completed a course with Karen Sivan, and i had a wonderful initiation to the zen meditation and Kin hin meditation, i did 7 one hour sittings and Karen was very prompt and patient in all these sittings, i highly recommend this course by Karen, to someone who wants to start a zen meditation practice 

Christophe Rao - India

Corey - Spain

Had such a great experience with Karen. She makes learning meditation enjoyable and takes any anxiety someone might have coming in away. Be sure not to miss her amazing breakfast!, (1).jpg

contact me to reserve your mat


whatsapp: (91) 9497705025


to reach me, kindly message by email or WhatsApp.
Mobile is often in silent mode plus its difficult to understand my  London accent on the phone.....thanks!





Country Club Road

Neduman (near Kovalam Junction)

695527 - Trivandrum - Kerala

0091 9497705025


Recommended accommodation is close by at Shanti Bhavan.

Overlooking the beach with comfortable air conditioned rooms.

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Zen Garden

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